Guide to Sustainability Reporting in 2023

A Complete Guide to Navigating the ESG and Climate Regulatory Landscape This Year

Stakeholder and investor pressure for sustainability disclosures is mounting in 2023.

As the importance of sustainability issues and their relevance to corporate interests continues to become more widely recognized, so too will the demand for organizations to be transparent about their ESG performance. Stakeholder and investor pressure for sustainability disclosures to show whether climate risk is integrated into a company's long-term strategy is mounting in 2023.

Companies that have not yet prepared sustainability disclosures will inevitably face greater pressure to do so, not least because the U.S. SEC is expected to pass new rules on climate disclosure that may take effect in the latter half of this year. 

In our new Sustainability Reporting Guide for 2023, we explore:

  • Sustainability Reporting in 2023, Explained
    • The differences between leading frameworks
    • The recent convergence of frameworks
    • Upcoming 2023 legislation
  • The Importance of Disclosure
    • How to comply with new legislation
    • Why does it matter and what are the repercussions?
  • How to Report
    • Timelines with due dates
    • Tips on gathering data and filing reports
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